Balotelli Claimed The Disease To Escape From His Team

Mario Balotelli’s absence from his team’s training continued, Brescia, a few days before the Italian League resumed, amid accusations of rebellion, which the controversial striker denied, claiming that he was suffering from a disease. Balotelli posted an Instagram commentary saying, “I am still sick,” amid reports of his stomach pain.

However, sources in Brescia club, which are threatened with relegation to the second degree, confirmed to “Football Italy”, that “Super Mario” did not inform the club in any official way that he was suffering from pain, so I expected that he would claim illness to escape his duties.

Last week, Brescia president Massimo Keleno admitted that the signing of the former England, Inter and Manchester City striker was a “mistake” he regretted after his riotous behavior continued. It seems certain that Balotelli will leave Brescia at the end of the season, amid speculation that he will move to the American League or Brazilian, but he probably missed a great opportunity to return to Italy in the Euro Championship, which was postponed to 2021.

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