Best standing desk deals for July 2022

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Are you looking for excellent standing desk deals? Consider how much time do you spend sitting at a desk each work day. If you work at home, have a desk job, or use a gaming desk, chances are you spend too much time sitting. Sitting has become the new smoking. That is, sitting for hours on end each day is incredibly unhealthy. Standing desks and workstations have become increasingly popular in an attempt to combat this health issue and are far more necessary lately with all of the working from home. Until recently, it was tough to find a cheap standing desk, but now it’s easier than ever to find the best standing desk deals. Whether you are trying to get your boss to purchase one for your use at the office or you have been stuck working at home for months, we have found some excellent standing desk deals for you.

Best standing desk deals

  • Leehee Adjustable Lap Desk Cooling Fan — $40, was $45
  • Atlantic Furniture Mobile Standing Desk — $162, was $250
  • Flexispot Height-Adjustable Electric Sit Stand Desk — $230, was $300
  • Flexispot Standard Standing Desk — $235, was $310
  • Upper Square Tedford Standing Desk — $500, was $800
  • Autonomous Smart Desk - Double Desk — $999, was $1,019
  • FlexiSpot Pro Plus Standing Desk (E7) — Starting at $580

For a simple yet effective motorized standing desk, the Upper Square Bevin does the job well, with a wide expanse capable of holding up to 225 pounds of equipment. more

The adjustable height of this computer desk allows you to use a computer sitting or standing. Featuring four platforms to store your computer monitor, laptop, books and other items. more

Get active during your day with this standing desk. Three-section legs let the desk rise higher and descend lower than two-section desks. more

This deluxe sit-to-stand desk lets you hold two or three monitors and/or a laptop and gives you the best of both worlds. Adjust your work position for optimum wellness and productivity. more

Fleshpot's E7 Pro standing desk comes in 6 desk sizes, 3 frame colors, 4 desktop materials, and10 desktop colors or finishes. Thicker leg columns, dual lifting motors, and holds up to 355-pounds. more

This standing desk measures 42-inches by 24-inches, an ample size for most home office applications. Push a button to change the height from 28 inches to 47.6 inches. Other colors and sizes available. more

This sit-to-stand desk from Atlantic Furniture comes with its own set of wheels for easily mobility. It's adjustable with a crank and it comes with a storage tray in its center for all your files. more

Sharing a home office with your partner or roommate? Combine desks and save some cash! Both sides adjust independently, so you can sit while they stand. more

Take your desktop on the go with this AIZ mobile standing desk, adjustable to 45 inches tall and equipped with 360-degree wheels for total portability and locking in place when necessary. more

Prefer to use a laptop? Put it on a set of wheels and take it anywhere you go with the Techni Mobili laptop cart, featuring a storage compartment and adjustable height rack. more

The ErgoMax electric standing desk is a great workstation alternative that can switch between sittting and standing modes in seconds. It has more than enough space for an entire computer setup. more

This standing desk creates a healthy work space allowing you to balance between sitting down and standing up. more

For an uptown executive experience, the Upper Square Tedford standing desk offers precisely that, with its black glass surface, motorized adjustments, automatic timer, and three USB charging ports. more

Multi-purpose lap desk can also work as a standing desk or bed desk. Includes a USB-powered laptop cooling fan. Good for 17-inch laptops and smaller. more

The 32-inch FlexPro Power standing desk comes jam-packed with features to make your workstation as efficient as possible, with two levels, wire hooks, and more to make it one of the best around. more

Weighing less than 7lbs., you can take this Rocelco standing desk anywhere so you can set up a workstation away from home. more

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Adjust the height of this sit stand desk to different levels during the day so your back won't get sorefrom staying in the same position. Simple up/down controls let you set the height just right. more

How to choose a standing desk

Man working at standing desk

Standing desks come in all shapes and sizes. Some of the options are desktop units that you place on top of an existing desk. Other models are an entire desk that has adjustable heights. Almost all models have adjustable parts, so you can raise or lower the height based on your needs and alternate between standing and sitting throughout the day. No matter what your needs are, you should be able to find a standing desk that meets them. No matter how much space you have, you will be able to find a model that fits in that space. Just be sure to measure the area you want to put the standing desk in and look at the dimensions of the model you want before you buy.

Some models have extra shelves for your keyboard and mouse, while other models have just one platform. Some models have an extra-large work surface, so you have room for two monitors or lots of papers and files. Other models have a rather small platform designed to hold a monitor while the workspace is a separate area. Since there are so many different variations when it comes to design, be sure to check out several options before you buy to ensure you get all of the features and space that you need.

As mentioned, sitting too much can have serious adverse health effects. People who sit a lot have an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes. Sitting all day also burns very few calories and can lead to weight gain. Standing after meals rather than sitting can reduce blood sugar levels and therefore reduce the risk of diabetes. People with back pain often complain about having to sit all day. Studies have shown that standing throughout the day decreases back pain. Overall, standing desks seem to influence a person’s well-being and mood positively, and most users of standing desks report less fatigue and an increase in energy.

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