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Darjuv9 Enterprises Private Limited

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What is Darjuv9?

Darjuv9 is a network marketing company that is registered on 28 March 2018 in MCA. The full name of this company is Darjuv9 Enterprise Private Limited. The head office of Darjuv9 is located in New Delhi and its own manufacturing unit, Jockey is located in Faridabad.  

Jitender Dagar is the founder of Darjuv9 and Sanjeev Hooda and Abhay Gehlot are the current directors of the company.

Darjuv9 Company Profile

Company Name Darjuv9 Enterprises Private Limited LLPIN/CIN No. U51909DL2018PTC331749 Incorporation Date 28/03/2018 Founder Jitender Dagar Products Health Care Office Address DARJUV9 TOWER 41/35, West Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi-110026. Email ID info@darjuv9.com Website www.darjuv9.com

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Darjuv9 Joining Package 

Before Joining Darjuv9 by Product Package, you need to know about  BV and PV.

Here, BV means Business Volume and the full form of PV means Point Value. 1 PV is equal to 3 rupees and 1 BV average to 5 PV.

BV has an income account for using another plan and PV is using the first plan, you have the information in front of you.

BV but PV race as determined by the company.

Here are the required documents you need to attach with the Joining Application Form;

  • Debit Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Bank Account Passbook
  • Company s joining Package slip

These are the 4 types of Package of Darjuv9, the distributors of the preferred company can create.

Package Price Super Tox Out Rs.1250 Personal Care Package Rs.2499 Personal Wellness Combo Rs.4500 Power Pack Probiotic Revolution Kit Rs.9999

Note: Distributors of Darjuv9 can also make group packages without sharing 500 PV.

Special Feature of Darjuv9 Company

No animal testing:

DARJUV9 has never tested any of its herbal ingredients or finished products on animals.


People – the inclusion of people in our energy planet – The company strives for solutions while respecting the environment and accessing the world’s expertise to innovate.

Carbon Neutral:

The company constantly strives to be carbon neutral in all activities to save energy and optimize our supply chain.

Darjuv9 income plan

There are 2 business plans of Darjuv9 to earn money. 

  1. Da Maximizer Plan
  2. Live Dream Plan – Repurchase Plan

1. Da Maximizer Plan

Here are the 3 types of income plans under the Da Maximizer Plan.

1. Consumer creation benefits

When A Distributor has completed their own downline on the Left and Right Side and both side downlines are also completed their own downline, the Head distributor gets 5% of the PV purchase per downline.

2. Royal Mirror Royalty

Intermediate first level downline calling income is 20% and every other level downline calling income is 10%.

3. Team Development Bonus

This income depends on the development of the Team. How big your Team is, your income will increase. The right leg’s PV and left leg’s PV are called total PV and 15% of the total PV is received as this income.

Example: If a distributor name A, which has 100000 PV on the left leg and has 150000 PV on the right leg, So, it will be accepted for 100000 PV and 15% of 100,000 PV. Percentage, i.e. Rs. 15,000 will be matched as this income.

 And, the remaining 50000 PV carry forward for next week.

2. Live Dream Plan

Live Dream Plan of Dajuv9 is also called as Repurchase Plan.  Under the Live Dream Plan, Darjuv9 has a total of 11 ways to earn money.

Types of Income Commission Client Creation Income Up to 50% Retailer Club Bonus 4% Consumer Club Bonus 6% Performance Bonus 30% Domestic Travel Fund and Two Wheeler Fund 12% International Travel Fund and Four Wheeler Fund 12% House Fund 10% Leadership Bonus 10% Royal Club Bonus 2% Mentorship Bonus President Annual Bonus

1. Client Creation income or Retail income

Client Creation income is similar to retail profit income. By selling the company’s Product in Retail MRP, you can get the profit yourself.

Basically, When a Distributor buys the product from the company, he or she will get the product in Distributor Price (DP) and sell the products in MRP. The difference between MRP and DP is Retail Profit. 

2. Retailer Club Bonus

Here in Retailer Club Bonus, you need 2 months continuous re-purchase of 2500 BV and 1 point for re-purchase of rate 2500 BV was taken out, the price was around 1500 rupees.

3. Consumer Club Bonus

To get Consumer Club Bonus income, you need 2 months continuous purchasing of 500 BV and the rate of re-buying of 500 BV is got a point, the price of which was around 300 rupees.

4. Performance bonus

Basically, this income gives up to 30% of the company’s total turnover.

The left and right legs for receiving this income were 2500 BV.  The Price of which was around 500, Company obtain from the Performance Bonus.

You can earn a maximum of 30 Points and a Maximum of 75 Performance Bonus points to pass 30 points for 2 Consecutive Months.

5. Domestic Travel Fund (DTF) and Two Wheeler Fund (TWF).

A DTF and TWF point were found at this in-rate 12500 BV. 

Initially, this income is earned by the company which has been earning 20 points continuously for 2 months continuously up to a maximum of 50 points.

6. International Travel Fund (ITF) and Four Wheel Fund (FWF)

This is available for spinning 12,500 BV per hour and an ITF FWF point, which was priced at around Rs 2,000.

7. Leadership Bonus

In this Leadership Bonus Income, you need to get 200000 BV points, which is valued at around Rs.15000. The good thing is, there is no capping in the income.

8. House Fund

At this rate, 12500 BV is a house fund point, valued at about Rs. This income can go up to a maximum of 50 points.

9. Royal Club Bonus

When a Darjuv9 Direct Seller has a total of 25000 BV points, Direct sellers are applicable to get Royal Club Bonus Point. The total around the figure of this income is Rs.30000.

10. President Annual Bonus

President Annual Bonus income is the biggest income of the company. To get President’s Annual Bonus, the company has a certain term and Condition. The terms of this agreement were made between 1 April and 31 March. By Fulfilling this, Direct Seller get the full benefits of this profit

11. Mentorship bonus

The first level downline of this income has been deducted 6% of the total income from the repurchase plan and 4% of the total income has been deducted from the repertoire plan by each of the other level downlines.

Darjuv9 Products

Darjuv9 Products

To saying Darjuv9, Company claims that their Products are Full Organica and Chemical-free.

If we compare Darjuv9 with other Direct selling companies , then, of course, this company is better than most of the MLM companies. The product packaging of the Darjuv9 is quite good. Company offers a moderate, with direct sellers and users having more options to shop, you can check out Darjuv9 Products Price List .

To verify the price we compare the shares of Darjuv9 from some retail companies and to some extent the shares of Darjuv9 are economical. If the price of the DP distributor (MRP to buy and sell Darjuv9) is MRP, then the distributor may be better.


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