Get a lifetime of reading, internet protection, and language learning in one bundle


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We've all been guilty of a little mindless scrolling this past couple of years. Unfortunately, for many, an overdose of "me time" has been a side effect of the transition to remote work. The solution? Start using that screen time more mindfully with the Social Distancing Lifetime Subscription Bundle. Not only does it give you access to hundreds of book summaries and VPN protection, but it also contains a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone, one of the oldest and most popular language-learning systems.

If you've ever wanted to learn a new language, Rosetta Stone can get you there quicker than you think. This bundle's subscription lets you take your pick from 24 languages, all taught through Rosetta Stone's signature interactive method. The system uses pictures, repeated phrases, and carefully calibrated speech recognition that corrects your pronunciation. It's no wonder this software has been trusted by organizations like NASA and Trip Advisor for nearly three decades!

Need a little more brain food? The bundle also includes the 12min Premium Micro Book Library. This collection of e-books is perfectly tailored for those with an abundance of curiosity but a shortage of time, condensing popular titles into text or audio files you can consume on a lunch break. As The Economic Times describes it, "You can absorb knowledge at a speed the world demands." The library includes more than 350 self-help, lifestyle, and finance books — everything from Jenny Blake's Pivot to Sun Tzu's The Art of War. 12min adds more books every month, and you can even suggest new titles that you'd like to see condensed.

Finally, the collection lets you protect all that software (and the hardware that runs it) with a lifetime subscription to KeepSolid VPN Unlimited. This best-selling service protects your anonymity by letting you route your wi-fi through one of 400 secure servers worldwide.

The Social Distancing Lifetime Subscription Bundle Ft. Rosetta Stone is on sale for $159.20, but only if you purchase before July 18. Just use the coupon code ROSETTA20 at checkout to secure this discount.

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