The Premier League Opens the Door to Eriksen’s Return to the Stadiums

Danish Christian Eriksen, Inter Milan player, will have the opportunity to resume his career in England, if he passes an evaluation by a sports cardiologist, on behalf of the English Federation.

Inter had announced their willingness to sell the former Tottenham player, in light of his inability to play matches with his team this season, due to his health, according to Italian football regulations.

And if Eriksen wants to return to competition, he will have to join one of the leagues that allow him to play, with a “defibrillator” implanted in the heart, in the same case as Ajax defender Daley Blind, and the Premier League could be an option.

An FA spokesperson told BA Media: “With regard to Eriksen playing in England, it is impossible to comment on his personal circumstances, without knowing his condition and the risks involved. As always, any assessment will be on the basis of Individually”.

He added: “In England, any player who has a test that shows that the heart condition is abnormal, or has a heart problem, will be evaluated by a sports cardiologist.”

He continued, “This will happen in cooperation with the team doctor, who usually follows up the players. The sports cardiologist will look at the personal circumstances and risks surrounding the player, and will make the decision on whether he can continue playing, or if he should stop.”

And he added: “The federation will not prevent anyone from playing based on a heart examination. Any risks that occur are for the player himself, not for others on the field, so it is an individual decision made by the player, with the support and advice of those responsible for his personal medical safety.”

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