Why would I want to play free slots?

free slots

Slot games are very common these days. Each month and period, new slots are released at online casinos. These casino games UK are designed by various game providers. Some of the familiar names in the industry include Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, IGT, Yggdrasil, and so on. A lot of times, it is advisable to play slot games for free before playing for real money. Do you want to know the reason for this? Then keep reading on.  

What are free slots

Free slots are slot games that can be played for free on online casinos. It means that these games are available in Demo mode. Usually, for new players to try out and see if they’ll love to put their money on it. Online casinos make sure that each game has the demo or play for free mode. Well, it is safe to say almost all casinos have that (if not all).  

When you play games on the demo, you can’t win real cash even if you won the game. This is because you’re not playing for real money, so you can’t win real money. However, the fun is the same; the music and themes, interface and symbols are all the same. What makes the difference between real money slots and play for free slots is the money involved. E.g., play for real money (deposit real cash, $10, £20, etc.). Play for free ( no deposits involved).  

Social Casinos Free Slots 

Some casinos that are called social casinos also have free slots. These are not paying casinos at all. While playing these slot games, you can win coins, chips, lives, but you can’t win real money. They are downloadable on app stores, and they’re made solely for fun.  

Benefits of playing slots for free 

The following are the cool things you get to enjoy when you play for free. In other words, the reasons you should play a game for free before trying it out for real money. 

  • You’re having fun: If your aim for playing games in a casino is to have fun, then playing for free will give you just that. Do you know why? There’s 100% calmness and focus on the game because you are not losing any money, and you have not put any money into your game.  
  • Familiarises you with the game: If you’re trying a new game out, playing for free gets you familiar with the game. Playing for free is the way to know the rudiments of a new game.  
  • Prepares you for real money slots: Playing free slots prepares you for real money slots because you get to see the game first hand. By the time you’re done with free slots, you already know how to go about playing for money, the strategies, how not to lose, the techniques.  


Playing free slots gives the best fun ever because most of the time, players forget to have fun and fix all their minds on the money they’re about to win or lose, depriving themselves of the fun the game has to offer, but free slots are a forerunner to real money slots. It is also a method of killing two birds with one stone. While your attention is drawn to the game, you’re getting to know it gradually.

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